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Memorial Garden/Cemetery at
St. Madeleine Catholic Church

The Memorial Garden at St. Madeleine Catholic Church is a bright and peaceful garden located between the Santa Fe Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche and the Fr. Sebastian Hall on our campus. The garden is a serene and quiet resting place for our loved ones who have already finished their earthly pilgrimage.

Another part of the cemetery is our U. S. Patriots Memorial.  It is dedicated to those who have served our Country and their families.


The sacred grounds of
St. Madeleine Memorial Garden
offer Memorial Opportunities for every need including:

• Christian Full Body Burial
• Cremain Inurnment
• Memorials for Your Loved Ones

Our Parish Memorial Garden and Cemetery offers these Benefits:
• Perpetual Care - The Code of Canon Law requires the Catholic Church to perpetually maintain its places of burial, so care will be there forever.
• Serenity - A serene, peaceful, and intimate environment for meditation and quiet reflection directly adjacent to the chapel.
• Convenience - With your final resting place only a few feet away from the Church, your family and friends attending Mass will be able to visit and pay their respects often.

Arrangements and Pricing Information
Please make an appointment so that we may be of personal service to you for your planning or immediate needs.
Contact Ralph Vierling at the parish office at (386) 454-2358 and/or at

(352) 316-4244 or

Services Provided:
Ground Burial (traditional and cremation)
Memorial Markers
Burial Vaults (traditional and cremation)
Memorial Walkway Bricks
Memorial Benches

Death & Dying as a Member
of the Catholic Church

The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and it should be treated with reverence and respect in preparation with the afterlife, during which we are all reunited with Jesus Christ, our Savior.  Death is the end of our earthly pilgrimage, of the time of grace and mercy which God offers us so as to work out this earthly life in keeping with the divine plan and to decide our ultimate destiny. According to The Code of Canon Law, the Church earnestly recommends that the pious custom of burial be retained; but it does not forbid cremation, unless this is chosen for reasons which are contrary to Christian teaching. At St. Madeleine, we host funerals for corporal burials and burials of cremains. Our parishioners can be buried in the Memorial Garden.

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